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Copper Creek Church is Building a New Home

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Welcome Home Campaign?

The Welcome Home Campaign is the name of our initiative to prepare the way for building our own permanent church home. The initiative will encompass many aspects over 3 years. The campaign begins October 21st, with a 5 week message series.

Why Welcome Home?

These are the words we have been dreaming of saying to one another for many years!

Why do we need to build?

The biggest reason – to make more room for more people! Our vision of creating a place that feels like home for people that are skeptical about church…well, it’s worked!

What are we going to build?

We are currently working on plans for a 15,000 square foot facility. The Design Team has worked hard to develop a building that will continue to be comfortable and welcoming to people who are skeptical about church, but that will also have more of sacred feeling than the gyms we have previously used for worship.

Can we really raise enough money?

Absolutely, with the help of God. This is a big step of faith and it will require all of us to do our part.


Mike and Marcy Zora

Miranda Soucie

John McCaffery

Will & Alli Culp



  • Building Design 100% 100%
  • Fundraising Goals 93% 93%
  • Construction 60% 60%